Hi, I'm Abbey. I'm 21 and a student living in Leeds. I'm following the Slimming World diet and so far have lost 1 and a half stone since May! I'm using this blog to post recipes I enjoy, my weight losses, and my thoughts on dieting and all things student-y! If you can relate to this blog in any way, feel free to comment and follow :) The more the merrier! Enjoy :)

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Another great loss! Shame it's for the wrong reasons.

Lost 3.5lbs this week! Great news after putting 2lbs on last week. Except I've not eaten much at all. Not really followed plan. Just eaten one or two meals a day. 

Feeling much better today about the break up with my ex. He and his family have basically shown themselves up, none of them willing to apologise for the way they have treat me and trying to make out like I'm a liar and its all my fault. End of day they know the truth as well as I do and they can try twist it all they want, it doesn't matter to me. It just outlines their immaturity and how low they really are. My hands are washed of them now!

And after realising that they are all alike and not really very nice people, I feel much happier that I don't have to deal with any of that :)

Feeling much more optimistic about the future now. 

So this week I'm going to try super hard to stick to plan. I'm going to have plenty of scan bran and super free food. My 3.5lbs loss has given me a boost, as has the attitude from my ex and his family. I'm back in Leeds at the minute so I'm in control of my food completely, and am going to try make time for some exercise. 

Ooh I've got two job interviews this week.  So maybe ill have good luck this week and as well as realise I've had a lucky escape and have a fab weight loss, I might (fingers crossed) also get a job!

Anyway, sorry for the rant! Just feels so good to get stuff written down, even if nobody reads it. Hope everyone else has done well this week. :)

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