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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The week before Star Week

The week before Star Week is the worst week! Does anyone else find that they just crave all food all week and eat everything in sight? I just eat everything I can get my hands on! As a consequence I put 2lbs on :( I've put off blogging all week because of this reason.

Our Woman of the Year was crowned after losing a huge 5.5 stone! Really pleased for her and wish her so much luck at the next stage :)

Anyway, I'm determined to lose this 2lbs so yesterday after Weigh In (I usually have a blow out on Tuesday nights) I made a Scan Bran cake and some Fererro Rocher. Scan Bran has been helping me lose more weight faster so I'm going to make the most of this week. So I've eaten both of these throughout yesterday and today. I've also made my Super Quorn Chilli (See July Recipes) because it's so quick to make and is full of free foods! I packed it full of frozen mushrooms and peppers because I need to get my free food numbers up.

Well this was just a quick update. I've got my Skills Tests for Uni tomorrow so got loads of revision to cram in, and then going to Skegvegas on Friday for a long weekend!

Eat well Slimmers! And congrats to anyone who got Woman of the Year!

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